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Ronnie Spiteri Drops New Album ‘True Music’

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Ronnie Spiteri Drops New Album ‘True Music’

Originating from the Southern part of England, Ronnie Spiteri has had his fair share in big releases, but for his next one, it’s looking like his biggest to date. Titled ‘True Music’, Ronnie has really honed all of his production skills into one bundle this time around. Coming fresh off a season as a Do Not Sleep Resident, all of his focus and experiences are truly shining

With a strong focus on the harder side of things, True Music is the perfect representation of what direction Ronnie’s sound is going.

Dropping in two parts, the release is a true ‘tried and tested’ statement of intent that will cement Spiteri as one of the scene’s most exciting producers. Explaining his intentions behind the album, Ronnie says:

“I spent a log time touring South America at the start of 2018 – a place where dance music still feels true to its roots, and where the flashy side of the industry hasn’t quite taken over yet. It’s inspiring playing to club after club full of people who are there purely for the music, and as such – I came home and locked myself in the studio throughout winter, eager to turn this experience into something tangible.”

Show some love and get True Music Part 1 HERE.

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