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Rumour Mill: Amnesia To Host Pool Party At Ibiza Rocks

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Rumour Mill: Amnesia To Host Pool Party At Ibiza Rocks

We’re in the final stretch of 2018 and the Ibiza machine is gearing up and readying itself to burst into life as soon as the dawn of the new year rises. Some clubs and brands have already played their hands and shown their colours for next season but for the most part, we’re still in the dark as to who’s going where and who’s staying put. Like every year, there will be change. Knowing this, always leads to speculation and where there’s speculation, there are rumours. Que Ibiza Club News and our Rumour Mill section to keep you all up to date on all of the credible, not so credible and downright bat-shit-crazy rumours that are circulating on the island.

As always, we’ve been hanging around the grapevine trying to decipher any information we can through it, that and hoping the grapes on the grapevine somehow manage to transform themselves into wine and give us our afternoon tipple. They didn’t, and we were forced to make way to The Ship Inn, the source of most of our rumours, instead.

While partaking in a heated debate about how Brexit will affect the cost of water in superclubs, a bloke who should not be trusted told us that a first cousin of his cleaner’s neighbour’s brother-in-law told him that the superclubs, in particular Amnesia, are so worried about the cost of water that they are ready to make the move into day time parties.


We had to buy him a couple more sherries than we’re comfortable with admitting but, eventually, he told us that Amnesia are actually in advanced talks with Ibiza Rocks and the announcement of an Amnesia hosted pool party in the San Antonio hotel is imminent.

Thinking about it, this actually wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if were to be true. In recent years we’ve really seen Ibiza Rocks take their pool parties to the next level. Craig David’s TS5 is going from strength to strength and has already been confirmed for a fourth season and has been one of the islands most popular and busiest daytime parties in each of those seasons. Ever the showman, Craig is sure to be coming back even bigger and better than ever next year with more of R’n’B, Garage and Grime royalty joining him on the weekly lineups.   

Cuckoo Land has already had two seasons and has quickly established itself as a rival for any of the island’s daytime parties, regularly bringing the likes of Claptone, Sonny Fodera, Max Chapman and Ben Pearce to the hotel for poolside fun. And last, but by no means least, we also saw one of the most in-demand clubbing brand in the world right now, elrow, host a number of their whacky and insanely fun parties in the San Antonio hotel. If they do team up with Amnesia and add even more to that rota it’s fair to say that Ibiza Rocks could quickly become the go-to place for daytime parties next season.

elrow in full flow. Photography By Elliot Young

With the two later brands both currently associated with Amnesia, this possible collaboration makes more sense the more we think about it, and, it also makes us start to wonder what it could mean for the clubbing landscape on the island. Will more clubs and brands that have been traditionally associated with nighttime parties follow suit and move into the daytime parties? Could this be a shift that will see daytime parties, or even 24-hour partying, making a return?

Only time will tell whether or not this will happen but, if it is true, it’s another feather in the cap for San Antonio and a step closer to bringing the town back to the island’s top party destination.

What do you think of the latest addition to our Rumour Mill section? Do you have any rumours of your own that you would like to see featured? Get in touch and let us know your thoughts.

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