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Some Of Ibiza’s Biggest DJ’s Are Coming Together At Ushuaïa To Raise Awareness On Animal Cruelty!

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Some Of Ibiza’s Biggest DJ’s Are Coming Together At Ushuaïa To Raise Awareness On Animal Cruelty!

The Night League and Music Against Animal Cruelty have announced they will be teaming up to host an event at one of Playa D’en Bossa’s finest clubs, Ushuaïa. 

Taking place on Thursday, September 13, the two brands are presenting a once off event labeled ‘Wild’, are teaming up with some of the biggest and best DJ’s on the Island including the brand ambassadors Adam Beyer, Art Department, Bedouin, DJ Sneak, Ida Engberg, Lauren Lane, Nittin, Tiga and Black Coffee and of course the special guest that is yet to be announced!

But why are they teaming up with each other you ask? Well, the whole vision behind ‘Wild’ is to raise funds from worldwide music events that will feed directly into key conservation wildlife areas. Some areas in the world are incredibly deprived of basic necessities. One of the main factors being animal cruelty, and with this event will raise not only funds to help animals in need, but also to raise awareness of the true atrocities that take place in this world.

It’s quite amazing to see such high-end industry people coming together for such a good cause, and you should too!

Yann Pissenem, Founder & CEO, The Night League had to say;

Outside of the events world, animals are my one true passion. Cruelty against any animal is simply unacceptable so I could not refuse the incredible opportunity to work with the Music Against Animal Cruelty team. Together, we will not only raise funds for their cause, but we’ll also increase awareness about some of the truly horrific things affecting defenseless animals every day. While the entertainment industry is about fun and enjoyment, I’m very happy to see the community rally for such a serious and worthwhile cause.”

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