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Summers Over But Movement Torino Will Keep The Festival Buzz Alive – 7 Reasons Why!

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Summers Over But Movement Torino Will Keep The Festival Buzz Alive – 7 Reasons Why!

Summer is coming to an end, unfortunately, which usually results in the end of some of the biggest festivals in the world! Luckily for all techno lovers out there, you’ve got another haven to make your mark on.

For many, Movement Festival Torino has been in the eyes of clubbers for the past 10+ years, and for good reason! Being the cousin of the legendary Detroit Movement Festival, it was always going to be an extremely high calibre event. With a complete focus on the music and the vibe, Movement holds a dear place to anybody who has visited in past years, and is a must attend every year!

For this years edition kicking off on the 12 and 13 of October, Movement is creating something very unique across all facets. From the line-up, extra day events, production and more, we’re extremely excited to see what unfolds this year.

Let’s take a look at 7 reasons why you should be booking a ticket to Movement this year!

The Mighty Lineup

The lineup is always one of the biggest factors for going to any festival! And especially with Movement being completely immersed in the music, it has and always will be one of the most perfectly curated line-ups for any techno lover. It’s also good to see that they’re not only focusing on the biggest selectors in the game, but also shedding some light onto the upcomers and locals of the area!

Some of the headliners include; Amelie Lens, Charlotte de Witte, Derrick May, DJ Bone, Ellen Allien, Joseph Capriati, KiNK [live], Nina Kraviz, Solomun, The Martinez Brothers + many more.

Festival Atmosphere

There’s nothing quite like a festival atmosphere! Everybody is there for two reasons, and that’s to have fun + the music. It’s not often you go to a festival and feel like an outsider in any way as everybody’s in top form as it’s their happy place! Movement Torino has become so iconic as well, meaning people from all over the world travel to get a glimpse of what’s on offer!

Expect to leave this festival with a heap of new friends and of course memories with that.

The Venue

The setting of Movement has always been one of the most capturing parts of the festival, stripped back, no flairs kind of atmosphere. Originally being a former car factory, Lingotto Fiere has been transformed into a modern venue with event spaces, shopping mall, hotel and space for so many activities. Let us tell you this, your socks are going to be blown off when you walk into that main room!

12 Hour Raves

Movement Torino never likes to start the day late and boasts 12-hour parties for the two days every year! In saying that, you really get your money’s worth when it comes to this festival.

The City Of Torino

The city itself has got some incredible stuff to do before or after the festival! In saying that, after 2 nights of raving in at Movement, it’s quite often the attendees will stay for an extra few nights or week at that to relax and mellow out. Within the city, it is inked with heaps of Architecture, Art & History and can easily get yourself an insight into the backstory of it. Maybe you want to treat yourself to some new clothes? Torino is well known for its insane amount of shopping markets! And of course, with any good city comes great food and Torino once again has a tonne of selection on offer of the finest Italian and more.

So if you didn’t get a holiday during the summer, why not treat yourself to a holiday and a festival in one? The best of both worlds some say.

Extra Events

Not often does a festival host separate things linked to the festival. But with Movement Torino, they make sure to give their attendee’s a complete cycle of everything. With that, Movement organizes separate events outside of the festival grounds with acts and also hold a conference side to it inviting industry folk to come and meet up to discuss, network and more.

The History Of Movement Torino

Starting out back in 2006, Movement Torino has gone through an incredibly successful evolution of events. Year after year, they put their stamp on the techno circuit and create something completely original to showcase the techno sound in its truest form. With purchasing a ticket to Movement, you’re instantly entering yourself into a true techno masterclass event and will never forget your experience.

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