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Sven Väth To Play Free Party In Destino

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There are very few DJs in the world that command the same level of respect as Sven Väth, so when Sven plays people flock from all over to see him. Having played 14 of the 19 Cocoon dates on the island this season and appearances with other nights like Solomun’s huge “Solomun+1”, it has been a jam-packed season for the German… But he’s no stranger to that!

Papa Sven has added another date and will take control of the stunning open-air venue Destino on the 28th of September. This Thursday will see the Cocoon head honcho combine his legendary sound and with the spectacular sea views from the cliffs of Cap Martinet.

Joining Sven will be Flower Power resident Willie Graff along with Javier Gonzales and Maurizio Schmitz. This will mark the end of the Destino Open-air events and not only will this be an incredible event but it’s also free!

Sven Väth playing a free sunset party surrounded by breath-taking views of Ibiza Town. What more could you ask for?


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