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Take A Peak Behind The Curtains At The World’s Most Outrageous Party… Elrow

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Barcelona born purveyors of the chaotic, elrow, know how to throw some of the most outrageously extravagant parties you can find anywhere in the world. From trapeze artists swinging from the ceiling to more inflatables in the crowd than on Bora Bora Sunday’s… elrow are truly revolutionary in what they do.

Even looking at some of the videos you would always think how much confetti did they use at a particular event, how long does it take them to setup a stage, where does all of the ideas come from?

Luckily for the people wondering about all of the above, elrow have released a video showing how they ‘create the craziest party in the world‘ including how everything is organized from the very start to the very end result, how they think of different themes for every party, the warehouses they stock all of their costumes and more.

Check out the video below to get an insider!

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