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The Ark Cruise Is Now The First Festival To Accept CryptoCurrency!

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The Ark Cruise Is Now The First Festival To Accept CryptoCurrency!

You may have friends that come home from a festival and brag about how they experienced something ‘unlike they’ve ever done in their lives’, well nothing will match anything like The Ark Cruise.

Within this article, you’re gonna find out a little more about what The Ark Cruise is about, and of course their latest news of being the first festival in the world to accept CryptoCurrency! How you ask? Well, The Ark Cruise has teamed up with Coinsbank payment gateway to allow you to pay for your tickets by Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP coin or even Ethereum! To find out more about current developments in cryptocurrency such as the Stellar Lumens free airdrop visit

From debuting last year with a sold-out event, the cruise is going into 2018 with an even broader mindset. As being recognized as one of the most exclusive events on the planet, what can you expect when you combine partying on the Mediterranean Sea for five days and four nights with 5,000 partygoers, tied in with some of the biggest names in the game? One of the most extravagant and rare experiences you can ever find.

The Ark Cruise’s two voyages will set sail between August 30th – September 3rd and September 3rd – September 7th.

Full info on the festival and prices are available over on The Ark’s website here.

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