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The Pep Luis Villa Is The Cherry On The Cake Of Your Ibiza Experience

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You’ve visited the Isle, you’ve partied, you’ve had an absolutely incredible time… but yet still, you want to do it all again next year? The Ibiza blues is definitely one of the toughest parts of leaving the Island and getting back to a normal day to day routine. You’re thinking already how can you have an even better time next year on the Island and the answer to that is a villa…

Ibiza Villa 2000 have an absolutely monstrous selection of villas from all parts of the Island. If you wanna be chilled, you can be chilled… if you wanna party, oh you can party. The villas range from sizes of fitting 5 people all the way up to 15+ people. With the sheer amount of popularity and traction these villas gain within the summer months, it’s definitely a possibility that your dream villa for next year could get booked at any time. Ibiza Villa promotes to get a booking for next years adventure ASAP to both ensure you get the right place for you and to also save a lot of money at the same time – It’s a win win… you get the villa that you want in 2018 for the price of one in 2017?

It’s also good to mention if the £ fluctuates in value between paying deposit and booking, it won’t affect the price of your villa in any way at all.

We have to shine a light on this villa also. The divine Villa Pep Luis (Can Pep Mortera) is nothing short of heavenly. The villa is considered to be one of the most popular among the Ibiza Villas 2000 range, but for good reason… It’s considered to be for family visits but can also serve you and your crew if you’re looking to branch out. Pep Luis is located in a very private part of the Island in a countryside surroundings only a few minutes drive from the airport.

Check out some of the pictures below of this fantastic villa.

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