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These Photos From ANTS Opening Will Make You Wish You Were In Ibiza!

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These Photos From ANTS Opening Will Make You Wish You Were In Ibiza!

If you were tuned to our Instagram Page on Saturday, you would have been treated to the absolute pandemonium of the ANTS opening party at Ushuaïa.

Are you currently sitting in your office job thinking of everything else bar being there and working? We highly doubt you’re alone on that one! Maybe you’re looking for a bit of enjoyment out of life today to see what the world has to offer. Well, look no further! After our visit to Ushuaïa on the weekend, we’re gonna give you 9 reasons why you should walk into your boss and tell he/she you’re quitting and pursuing a purer life In Ibiza.

The ANTS day parties have become quite legendary and is a certified gem to the Island. For this season ANTS has got some mega things lined up as per, but with the opening party proceedings kicked off with Andrea Oliva, Apollonia, Dublin, Steve Lawler, Nic Fanciulli, Paco Osuna & Uner it’s a real indication of what more to expect. In saying that, ANTS has got a new stage designed exclusively for the ANTS events this season, incredible pyrotechnics, mind-blowing lighting, visuals and a state of the art soundsystem, it’s no surprise people flocked from around the world for the astonishing Ushuaïa experience.

Feeling up for the next ANTS party? Go grab yourselves some tickets here.

Lets check out the pictures below!

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