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This Icelandic Festival Let’s You Party For 96 Hours In Non-Stop Daylight

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This Icelandic Festival Let’s You Party For 96 Hours In Non-Stop Daylight

International festivals nowadays can be somewhat very similar and it’s very hard for a brand to stand-out from the monstrous amount of choice every year.

Secret Solstice, a festival rolling into its 4th year now has definitely grabbed the attention of festival goers around the world. Located in the amazing land of Reykjavik, Iceland, Secret Solstice gives a completely unique experience that not many festivals in the world can contend with.

Why is it so unique though; The festival falls on the 21-24th of June and with that results in having 96 hours of pure daylight! So, if you really felt up for the challenge you could potentially party for the whole festival without having any darkness! On top of the non-stop daylight, you’ll be in with a chance to party in a glacier situated in the festival along with a rave in a volcano. Secret Solstice like’s to make the most of their surroundings to say the least.

Line-up wise for 2018 arrays an incredibly varied selection of artists including Slayer, Stormzy, Gucci Mane, Clean Bandit, Bonnie Tyler, Death From Above, Steve Aoki, Jet Black Joe, 6LACK, Goldlink, J Hus, Charlotte De Witte, Skream, A-Trak, Masego, IAMDDB, Högni and a heap of local talent. Who would have thought it… Slayer & Gucci Mane on the same line-up? That’s the beauty of Secret Solstice, it’s unlike any other experience you can imagine.

Check out last year’s after movie to get a better feel for what to expect in 2018.




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