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This Insane Dutch Festival Runs 50 Hours Non-Stop With 150 Performances & If You Buy A Ticket You Become A Shareholder!

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This festival has taken social media by storm in recent weeks and it’s clear to see why. “The Gathering” is expected to welcome over 100,000 ravers across 50 hours of non-stop techno with over 150 international acts.

This is not your average festival, however. “The Gathering” aims to not only throw one hell of a party but to help the world while doing so with the aim to ultimately help children in need, the homeless and many more causes with the money brought in by the festival. On top of helping those in need, every person who buys tickets to this festival will receive shares in the company who runs the festival. This all stems from the ideology of bringing people together with peace, love and unity that sub: Merged The Gathering is all about.

Breepark Breda will play host to the festival, a massive industrial estate surrounded by waterways and green fields. As well as an expansive indoor arena that will contain main stages, there are also open-air stages, tents and moving stages outside on a vast field. The festival will become the new home for those in search their spiritual fix of techno at their impressive “techno temples” decked out with huge sound systems, high-tech lighting and plenty of other treats.

The festival is broken down into four events, two indoors with 12,500 people on Friday and Saturday night, and two outdoor events of 35,000 people on Saturday and Sunday. The whole event also has the go-ahead for 24-hour partying so prepare yourself for a marathon. 50 hours, non-stop techno with some of the best acts you can find anywhere.

Mixing up techno pioneers, new school stars and the hot acts of the day, and these include names like Boris, Christian Smith, Dr. Motte, Joop Junior, Secret Cinema, SQL, D-Unity, Mark Reeve, Manic Brothers, Reinier Zonneveld, Roger Martinez, Medhat & Dekkstrum, Silicone Soul, Daniel Miller, Housemeister, Jewel Kid, John Acquaviva, Lisa Lashes, Lisa Oakes, Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N., Gemma Furbank, Kevin Arnemann, Rob He’s, The Anxious Live, The Yellowheads, Alisha Lawler, Amber and many many more as these are only the first 50 names to be announced.

Expect 100 more artists to be named in the coming weeks as they gear up for a huge first year! Pick up your tickets here and become a part of something massive.

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