Ibiza's Biggest Audience

This Insane Villa Is What We Would Buy First After Winning The Lottery

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One of my favourite pass-times is sitting and imagining I’ve just won the lottery and what I would do with all the money. Some people say they would buy a new car or a new house first, some people would invest the money and hope to build an empire. Me? I’d be on the first private jet to Ibiza wth my closest mates on the way to our own villa for a few weeks of pure unadulterated partying!

The good news? I’ve found the exact villa we’re going to. The bad news? Still no winning lottery ticket. You win some, you lose some I suppose!

Villa Majesty didn’t get its name for no reason. It’s built for a king! 7 bedrooms which sleep 14 guests, with 2 staff bedrooms upon request, Air conditioned bedrooms and living room, Fully equipped kitchen with breakfast bar, Dishwasher, Formal dining area, Television, Fitness room overlooking the sea, Ping-Pong table, Wi-Fi, Safe, Washer/Dryer and Parking are all included in this villa.

No palace would be complete without staff however with waiting staff, cleaning staff, 24-hour security and a chef and his assistant all on hand to make your stay as enjoyable as humanly possible.

You won’t be spending every day indoors in Ibiza so luckily for you there’s stunning Sea Views, Swimming Pool, Hot tub, Alfresco shower, Alfresco dining, Barbeque, Terrace with lounge area, Sun loungers, Gated community with 24/7 security and a Yacht dock (located 100m from villa). The cost you ask? We’re talking in the range of €21,500 per night at a minimum of 7 nights bringing your grand total to €170,500 for a week long stay.

Realistically one of two things has to happen to find myself here. Either I keep playing the lottery and I eventually win or I inherit the estate of a super rich long lost uncle! Both are about as likely as each other to happen!

Check out the images below and get buying the Euromillions! It could be you!

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