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This Legendary Filmmaker Wants Your Crazy Ibiza Videos

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In a day and age where mobile phones and cameras are an integral part of clubbing culture (whether we like it or not), it would be incredibly hard to believe that none of our followers have amazing pieces of footage from their times in Ibiza.

Legendary English film, documentary and music video director Julien Temple is currently piecing together a feature-length documentary made up of new and never before seen footage that takes you on a journey of discovery through “Ibiza’s bohemian soul” in a “compelling audiovisual journey”.

In a recent interview with GQ magazine, Temple said “Ibiza is a place where people have such a good time we want to see the films they’ve made themselves.

Film moments of the ultimate Ibiza experience you know: funny, uplifting, bizarre, whatever they feel is noteworthy and celebrates the island from the point of view of the people who go there.

The journey there is often funny, you know the airport and the flight itself with specially trained Ibiza attendants on easyJet, so you know anything like that would be great”.

When asked about what can be featured Temple replied, “We’re in a club environment, so no holds barred”. Anything goes folks!

So, if you have footage from your time in Ibiza, Julian Temple wants it! To get involved with the project upload your footage to and your footage could be featured.

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