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This ‘Palms’ Villa Will Cost You 11K A Night…But For Good Reason

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Ibiza isn’t all just about the party and going to clubs, well, the majority of it is… but there’s also a side to it that is sophisticated and relaxing. I’m all for the partying, but I also like to dream and think what would it be like having both sides of the spectrum. With some research and ‘dreaming’ we’ve found the ideal villa.

The Palms Ibiza Villa is quite simply paradise in a nutshell. Consisting of 5 bedrooms (sleeping a total of 14 guests) all equipped with their own unique en-suites (very fancy), the master bedroom is kitted out with a king bed and a walk-in closet that opens up to the terrace. Some of the indoor features include a fully equipped kitchen if you’re feeling a bit groovy to cook up a storm for your guests, a cinema projector out looking over the incredible view, a loud and clear sound system for all your music needs & a stern security system to keep everything on lock-down.

Moving onto the outdoor features there’s an absolutely monstrous amount of stuff to do including a big barbeque, luxurious sun loungers, a gym to keep you nice and fit and both alfresco dining and an alfresco shower.

With all of the activities mentioned above, it’s surely going to get a bit messy with 14 people staying there and nobody likes to clean up? Not to worry, the Palms Villa is also tied in with a housekeeper, groundskeeper & a laundry service just to keep everything in check.

Now, obviously, price is the determining factor… and it only comes in at a cool €11,000 a night. Sure look, everyone can be a dreamer? Check out the images below to get a better idea of what you should expect while visiting “paradise”!

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