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This Track Will Bring You Back To Ibiza If You Just Let It

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Here at Ibiza Club News, we know you better than you know yourself. We know it’s October. We know you’re sitting somewhere in the world missing Ibiza. WE KNOW THIS. We’re not psychic as such, we just understand basic common sense.

The summer is over. Autumn is here. You’re staring out the window and all you can see if Winter coming to eat up your buzz and blur up all your beautiful memories of a summer spent rolling around in the sun listening to gorgeous tunes and drinking your own bodyweight in whatever that stuff was you drank.

Don’t worry. We got you.

Hit the play button above on Junior Sanchez’s latest release on IBZ Deep, a sub-label of IBZ Records, and we’ll transport you right back to those sunny vibes. Just close your eyes, whack up the heating, point a small fan in your direction to create a nice warm breeze, and tell you Mum she is on bottle service for the day. Then stick your headphone on, and back to Ibiza you go…

Get your own permanent slice of Ibiza by picking up a copy of the track over on Traxsource

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