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Tired Of Your Ears Ringing After Clubbing? Here’s How You Can Stop That Fast

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Our hearing is one of the most important senses we possess. If you are lucky enough to have been born with perfect hearing you have enjoyed some incredible sounds throughout your life. The sad part about it is that many of those who have always had perfect hearing take it for granted. Clubbers have sadly accepted a ringing in their ears the next morning as a sign of a good night out. Little do they know how much damage this constant abuse is causing. 

When sound hits our eardrum, it causes the eardrum to vibrate. When the eardrums vibrate from the sound it moves the minuscule ossicles. The ossicles consist of the hammer, anvil and the stirrup. These three act together to help the sound waves move along to reach to the inner ear.

The powerful sound-systems inside clubs are more than capable of tearing the eardrum if they are not protected well enough. This constant abuse can lead to the dreaded ‘tinnitus’ before even more severe issues before eventually leading to all out hearing loss. 

Hearing Protection

Tinnitus is a big issue among dance music fans and most do nothing about it until it’s too late. Then it becomes damage control instead of all-out prevention. It may seem odd going into a club and putting in earplugs. Isn’t that counterintuitive? You pay into a club to hear incredible music from the DJs in the booth so why would you want to hear muffled sound through earplugs? Or at least, that’s how I thought it would be. I was wrong. 

With thanks to modern technology, earplugs are much more than simply sticking foam in your ear to drown out the sound. Many ear plugs nowadays have the technology to turn don the volume that’s coming into your ears without affecting sound clarity. That’s a win-win situation. 

There has been a handful of reported stories of superstar DJ’s diagnosed with tinnitus like Eats Everything, Paul Oakenfold and much more with thousands of punters no doubt affected by the issue the world over but what can you do to help your hearing? 

Wear Earplugs

It’s fairly straightforward, go out get yourself a decent pair of earplugs. They will cut out the harmful high and low frequencies that can damage your ears, leaving you without that awful ringing in your ears after you leave the club.  Earplugs come in all different shapes & sizes and most come with adjustable filters to suit every person’s individual needs. Another plus is the fact that so many of them are really discreet so no one will notice that you have them in! Just check out Eddie Halliwell’s in the photo below. Barely noticable.

Eddie Halliwell Earplugs Discreet Ibiza

Rest Your Ears

Constant exposure to these levels of sound will damage your hearing there’s no way around it. Experts believe that you can listen to music or noise of 85dB for about eight hours safely. To put that into perspective the levels of the average MP3 player in your ears is 100dB, music in clubs can level out around 110dB and an aeroplane taking off is around 120dB. You can’t expose yourself to this much harm night after night so listen to what your ears are telling you. Turn down your headphones, wear earplugs to a concert and you could end up clubbing well into your 70’s like this legend below!

MK Granny Hearing Protection Piece

Avoid Cotton Buds

Contrary to popular belief you really shouldn’t use these on your ears. As good as they make your ears feel, there have been numerous stories about people pushing them too far into their inner ear after getting ringing sounds after a night out in the clubs thinking that it would help, when in reality, they’ve just added more damage. So, be careful with these swabs and think twice about putting them into your ears.

Cotton Buds Hearing Protection


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