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Top 8 Unique Mixes Of The Year!

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Every year we’re always treated to some incredibly high calibre mixes. In saying that, it’s not often we come across ones that truly capture our attention and separate themselves from the rest of the crowd.

With a selection of some of the biggest upcoming acts and most respected, this list is sure to keep your ears satisifed!

#1 Sequence – Live at Valley Fiesta

Australian based artist Sequence is a prime figure within his home-town. Recognized for his hybrid setup, he really likes to get deep within his mixes and puts a very fascinating twist on his tech-house infused sound.

He had a few words to say about this mix “Sometimes the music we play really connects with the crowd in ways that can make a club full of people feel like a house party with your best buds! This mix was recorded from one of those nights.”

#2 Mister Saturday Night – Live At The Lot Radio

The New York purveyors of a ‘proper house party’ event, Mister Saturday Night, are without a doubt one of the finest selectors in dance music at the moment. In saying that, if you’ve ever been to one of their events or them performing you would know the incredible amount of music genres they have.

From starting with slow jazz, moving to the funkier side of house all the way to full of industrial techno is what you can expect within a typical Mister Saturday Night set.

#3 Nitetales – Deep Progressions Mix June 18

One of Ireland’s leading lights at the moment, Nitetales has been an extremely busy character as of late. With a big catalogue of released music and events, he’s been popping up on our radar repeatedly!

For his latest mix, he’s bringing listeners on a deep, melodic wave and is the perfect snapshot of what he’s been playing out in the summer.

#4 M K E Y – The M Series 006

One of the finest exports coming out of the UK at the moment, M K E Y brings the heat with his minimal grooves instead of his usual straight up tech-house approach!

All of the inspiration from this mix came from what he’s been playing out at the moment.

#5 Fit For Purpose – Minimal/Deep Tech

This man is not one to shy away from a challenge! With his latest mix giving a perfect example of that from experimenting with new genres that he’s leaning towards!

He usually gives the deep and darker side of progressive side a spin, but is looking to expand his musical barriers with this banging mix!

#6 X-Coast – ZeeZout Podcats 081

One of the more elusive characters in dance music, X-Coast took his unique, warping, italo disco style to the legendary ZeeZout collective’s SoundCloud with yet another high caliber mix.

Turn this one up, you won’t regret it.

#7 Døc

This man has been popping up everywhere on our socials. Ranging from a lot of varied styled mixes, this latest one from him has been on repeat in the office.

After linking in with Døc, he told us that this mix is a true representation of all the stuff he loves to play, with a selection of deep melodic techno all the way to afro house in one bundle.

#8 Brand Zulu – Drum & Bass Vol. 2

This artist is a very unique one in our eyes, stepping away from the usual 1-2 hour long mixes, Brand Zulu puts his full focus on a 15 minute power mix consisting of a hard hitting drum and bass mix.

#9 Joe Hawes – Coffee House Radio Episode 15 (Tomorrowland Special)

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