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Track Of The Day: M K E Y – The Grand

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Track Of The Day: M K E Y – The Grand

Following on from our previous track of the day from the Irish native Nitetales, we’re back with another massive track from an emerging UK artist that goes by the name of M K E Y.

Recognized for his fast pace, heavy-hitting tech house sounds, he’s stepped away from his usual cup of tea with a much more house-inspired cut with his latest release, ‘The Grand’.

From being picked up by the well respected ‘Made Crazy Music’, it was a fantastic addition to the label’s catalogue. In saying that, we’re here to shine some light on this amazing talent and giving you the access to listen to the track in full!

We reached out to M K E Y and he had a few words on his track:

“On the track itself, I was aiming for more of a house based feel. Since I started producing I have always been writing a tech house sound even when I tried not to, I started with the drums and stripped back bass line and tried not to overcomplicate the music with too much going on.
Whilst I was out DJing in Ibiza and over the course of a few weeks, I found myself playing a lot more House and Disco orientated sets rather than the usual Tech House (Don’t get me wrong there was a still a few go to Tech House nights I played).
When I came back, I worked on the piano element and then brought a little bit of a Tech break and build up in to give it some more. The label was happy with the final product and then in return, I had some great feedback from Simon Francis, Sooney, Idris Elba & David Guetta Radio, Hoxton Whores, Bearded Brothers, Mike Ivy, Carmelo Carone, Mat.Joe, Lee Walker, Josh Coakley and more, who are playing the track worldwide!
In saying that, I’ve bee working on a lot more music behind closed doors, and I’m looking forward to progressing on and getting it out there”
Show some love to M K E Y and grab your very own copy HERE!

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