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Track Of The Day: MKEY – Sneaky

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Track Of The Day: MKEY – Sneaky

Here at Ibiza Club News HQ, we’re always listening to new music and trying to spot some previously unheard bangers in the never-ending avalanche of new releases that come across our desks.

We have a tried and tested system that lets us know if what we’re listening to gets the official Ibiza Club News seal of approval, we call it the “Toe Tapping Test” or “TTT”as we’ve abbreviated it to over the years.

Normally, when you hear “TTT” in our office, it’s one of us demanding tea in a Father Ted style from our intern but, every so often, it’s because we’ve heard a track that passes the test. Today was one of those of times.

MKEY‘s Sneaky is the first track that’s truly got our toes-a-tapping this year so we’re delighted to make it today’s Track Of The Day.

2018 was a real breakthrough year for the Scottish DJ and with releases like Sneaky, the lead tune of a two track EP on Serena Music, we’re expecting more big things from him in 2019.

If you want to have a listen yourself, you can pick up your copy of Sneaky, and the second track on the EP, Let’s Shout, here.

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