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Track Of The Day: NANCY Live – Trip Tow

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Track Of The Day: NANCY Live – Trip Tow

Although we call this section Track of the Day, it’s not, as the name would suggest, a daily section. In fact, it’s not even a weekly section, we use it sparingly as we only like to share tracks with our readers that really make our toes tap.

This week, we happen to have come across two tracks that have us nodding our heads and raving it up on imaginary dance floors. Maybe there’s something in the water, maybe January has us lusting for techno or maybe they’re both just awesome tracks. Either way, we can’t stop playing this week’s second Track of the Day, NANCY’s Trip Tow.

The Dublin based producer had a really strong 2018, bringing her fully live show on the road to cities all over Europe. NANCY’s been on our radar for quite some time now and it’s crazy to think that Trip Tow is only her second release, following up her 2018 release Do Something.

Trip Tow’s thumping kick and moody bass lines, along with its trippy vocals and percussion really encapsulate the sound NANCY has developed with her Live shows. Released today on Digital Groove, we’re expecting Trip Tow to get plenty of plays this winter and beyond and we’re expecting more of the same from NANCY in the coming weeks and months.

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