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Tracks That Shaped The Summer: Delerium – Silence Ft. Sarah McLachlan

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Tracks That Shaped The Summer: Delerium – Silence Ft. Sarah McLachlan

Few tracks have had as much of an impact on the global dance music scene as Delerium’s 1999 hit Silence featuring Sarah McLachlan. There’s something about McLachlan’s haunting vocal that has the power to instantly transport you to a club or party where you heard the track in the past. For us, that is the true power of music and the reason why we are featuring this track in our Tracks That Shaped The Summer series.

Originally released as a downtempo and ambient tune on the Canadian electronic band’s 1997 album, Karma, the track’s potential greatness was finally unlocked in 1999 when a series of remixes propelled it into not only the clubbing scene but also the mainstream music scene. There was a time, when every single mix or compilation album featured the track or one of it’s many remixes and we we’re going to choose a particular remix to focus on but we simply can’t pick one. Notable remixes were made by Fade, Airscape, Filterheadz, Above & Beyond and Michael Woods but our favorite, and in our opinion, the most recognisable, was by Tiësto.

As recently as last year, the track was still being reworked, which proves that this is one of those tracks that will simply never go away. Over the years, it has featured on multiple charts with number ones recorded in Ireland, Scotland, UK Indie Chart and the Billboard Hot Dance Club Party Chart.

As per usual, now that we’ve got your attention, we’re going to hit you up with some random facts about 1999 just to get those nostalgic juices flowing a little more. It was a pretty uncertain time to be a human, with the entire world caught in the whole Y2K Bug hype. It seemed like everyone was going hysterical about the prospect of computers literally shutting down as claneders moved from 1999 to 2000. In the end, it was all totally unfounded and everything just went on as normal. Imagine, computers actually being able to count beyond 1999. What a time to be alive.

In the cinema, The Blair Witch Project changed the face of horror, and gave birth to the genre of “shaky handheld camera horror”, which has been well and truly rinsed ever since. The movie made $125million at the box office after costing a mere $30,000 to make. Imagine the sesh they went on after that. Also on the big screen that year was the rather forgettable Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Despite smashing a number of box office records, the movie would ultimately be remembered as “a bit shit” and represented a bit of a dull time for the Star Wars brand.

1999’s music scene was very much dominated by pop belters. The fresh faces of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera seemed to be everywhere, while J-Lo got our teenage heart’s racing in her Waiting for Tonight video. A little known white rapper called Eminem was cast into the public’s eye with the track Hi My Name Is. He’ll never take off. And Cisco’s one armed cartwheels and seminal track Thong Song reaffirmed our collective faith in humanity.

What do you think of our Tracks That Shaped The Summer series? Is there any tracks you would like to see featured? Let us know in our comments section.

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