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We Asked 7 Ibiza Workers For Their Best Tips On Doing A Season

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Living in Ibiza for a season is completely different to visiting the Island for a few days with your mates. You’ve to take into account that you’re actually living there and must setup a game plan on how you’re going to approach the season from paying rent, making sure you’re keeping healthy and making sure you’re partying in moderation. It’s easy to get caught up in a bad routine over on the Isle and we want any person who is looking to do a season to be as prepared as they can be.

In saying that, we caught up with 7 prominent workers in Ibiza to see what tips they would give if they were doing their first season over again!

Budget your money from the start till you find work. Although easier said than done because as soon as you land you’re on holiday mode haha. Also, try having your rent sorted before you head over! – Aaron O’Donoghue

Don’t get too stressed if you don’t find a job immediately. – Sebastijan Šljivić 

Not go so heavy and burn my self out at both ends. Definitely not party for ten days and realize you haven’t rang your mom in about a month and she thinks you’re dead. After calling her, I also asked her for a lend of cash!Kimberly Hartigan

Have a bit more of a financial backing. First months rent and deposit are obviously essential. But if you don’t have a definite job secured with a basic wage to back you up you need to have a grand or two behind you just in case. – Dylan Plunkett

Ah, it has to be keeping yourself healthy from the start and making sure you’re eating properly. It’s easy to get caught up in a bad food cycle. – Nikki Richardson

I was in DC10 after a couple of nights of partying hard and my left ear started to ring very badly. I think it would have to be all of the levels my ears were going through, after that all happened I decided to invest in a pair of ear plugs to avoid any more ear damage. Please look after your ears, it’s so important. Gareth Lawless

A big one for myself would be trying to get exercise outside of dancing. I made sure I went out for plenty of runs, swam in the sea and that would be my tip if you can’t afford a gym membership. Use Ibiza’s beautiful landscape to its full potential! – Jessica Reynolds


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