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We Found The 6 Best Ibiza-Related Xmas Gifts On The Planet

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Christmas can be a dodgy time for people especially if you’re the type of person who never knows what presents to buy for the people they love. Some are good at presents… others, shall we say, need some help! We’re here to help you pick out some top present for your Ibiza obsessed friends and family.

We’ve compiled this list with Ibiza lovers in mind so you can’t go wrong here!

Ket Spoons

Agh yes! The humble ket spoon! Technically, it’s a snuff spoon and you can’t use it for Ketamine because it’s illegal but they’ll still get a cheeky giggle out of it! It’ll be a white Christmas before you know it!

Ket Spoon Ibiza Gifts

Club Merchandise

Space t-shirts, Amnesia bags, Music On necklaces and more merch than you could possibly think of! Not only do the clubs have merchandise but a lot of the individual nights have their own as well so you will be spoiled for choice here! Check out their websites for more info.

Elrow Compilation

The merch is very high quality but you can never go wrong with a CD as a stocking filler! Elrow released their first compilation with the legendary Cr2 Records. Some huge names feature on this one with names like James Campbell, Bontan, Dennis Cruz, Lee Walker, Coyu, Waze & Odyssey, Melé, Route 94, Sidney Charles, Santé, Max Chapman and Emanuel Satie to name a few! This is a cracking mix that would make any Ibiza fan rejoice!

elrow cd compilation

Mr Pikes: The Story Behind The Ibiza Legend

Pikes is one of the most iconic venues in Ibiza. From Tales of Freddie Mercury’s birthday parties, the filming of the “Club Tropicana” music video with George Michael and countless celebrity encounters Pikes has seen it all. If only the walls inside could speak… now they have and the stories are incredible! Tony Pikes has revealed all in his new book which you can buy now!

Ibiza Club Posters

These are awesome little pieces for bedrooms or offices. They look great in frames or just stuck up on a bedroom wall. Want something to remember a stand out night from the island? Look no further than Ibiza Club Posters.


I think we can all agree that the best thing to buy anyone who is in love with Ibiza is flights. Simple as that. Happy booking!

British Airways Flights 2018 Ibiza

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