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What Really Is The Best Beach In Ibiza?

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The beach! One of the most popular and best parts of any hot country/holiday… whether you’re into swimming, sunbathing, reading, eating, drinking or all of the above doing them at the beach is better than anywhere else two fold. But when it comes to the beaches of Ibiza, there’s nothing quite like them. Crystal clear waters, golden sand and with a majority of them, some of the best music the Island has to offer. It poses the question though… what really is the best beach in Ibiza?

We asked some Ibiza regulars about their thoughts on which is the best beach and why!

Platja de ses Figueretes after space to watch the sun rise always seems like a good idea. – Oliver Andrew

The beaches of Formentera are the best I’ve ever seen! (You need to get a Ferry from Ibiza town for roughly €15-30 return). If I was to pick a beach close by it would be Cala Bassa beach. The water is so clear you can see the fish around your feet! – Dylan Plunkett

My choice would be Benneris Beach. It has a really small but expensive hippy market and has people playing on bongos, it’s so beautiful. The water is also fab and it’s just a great day out. – Kimberly Hartigan

Cala Pinet. It’s Close to my place, free wi-fi, quiet and not too crowdy. – Sebastijan Šljivić

Scrapertown. It’s a little cove between Cala Gracio & Kanya. It’s like a little rocky cove with stones, it’s always really quiet, so when you’re there you escape the madness of Ibiza! The sun also seems extra strong & the water is crystal clear!  –  Aaron O’Donoughe

Bora Bora beach because it’s full of lunatics, end of haha. – Ryan Healy


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