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When We Need Villas In Ibiza, Here Is The Company We Use And Why!

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When We Need Villas In Ibiza, Here Is The Company We Use And Why!

You’ve just decided that you’re visiting the Island this year for another few days of chaos with the crew. But, in previous years of visiting you’ve been under the roof of a hotel. Now, we’re not saying hotels are bad in any shape or form, but if you’re looking for a completely different experience to usual, a villa is definitely a look in the right direction.

In saying that, some of our UK team including myself were in Ibiza last month getting ready for the upcoming summer and stayed in the incredible Villa Maria, a very beautiful villa located just outside of San Antonio. Everything from the booking of the villa, to arriving, staying there and after service was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced! And the villa itself was one of the most well-kept we’ve had.

When it comes to booking villas on the Island, there’s some big competition, but nobody really does it like Ibiza Villas 2000! With over 17 years of being established on the Island with a family business, Villas 2000 has got some of the finest villas the Island has to offer. Located all across the Island in the more unknown locations and some of the most popular, you’re spoiled for choice.

With every villa that the company offers, it’s guaranteed to come with a pool and with that comes a lot of fun. We will let you decide what you wanna do with it!

Maybe you’re only looking to visit the Island for a few days and not a week and above, well of course 2000 offers up to 40% cheaper rates for mid-week stays! The ultimate bang for your buck leaving you with more money to spend on caña, patatas bravas & lilos!

If you’re not sold yet, the office’s of 2000 are located at The Rude British Cafe & Bag Storage in Playa D’en Bossa, a mere 5 minutes drive from the airport.

For more info, everything Ibiza Villas 2000 related, head over to their site right here.


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