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Why Is Water So Expensive On Ibiza’s Dancefloors?

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So, you’ve just handed over €80 for entry at the door and without skipping a beat you rush to the bar, your mouth is as dry as the Sahara Desert and you lodge your first drink order of the long night ahead with the beautiful bartender. The girl looks you up and down before pouring you a whiskey and coke. Delicious! You know what’s not delicious? The €20 bill she hands you after taking the first sip.

Paying €19 for a cocktail, €16 for a vodka and mixer, €12 for a beer and €9 for a bottle of water is pretty normal when you look at the clubs in Ibiza. But what is it that makes something like a bottle of water so expensive in the clubbing capital of the world?

Well, it’s quite simple. Most of the food you eat, liquids you drink, cigarettes you smoke and clothes you wear in Ibiza have to be imported from Europe and beyond so before you even put a base price on any of those goods you have to take into account the price of shipping them to the island.

Why is water so expensive in Ibiza

Another huge reason behind the sky-high prices is the fact that Ibiza is a seasonal business. The clubs have a window of 5 months to make 12 months worth of money. All of which means you’ll be charged that little bit extra inside the clubs.

Booking the calibre of acts they have in the clubs on a nightly basis does not come cheap either. It was reported in 2014 that David Guetta was earning €160,000 per night for his Thursday night party in Pacha. He racked up 20 dates that season meaning David Guetta alone walked away with €3.2 million. That’s just the act for one night, in one club. Running the clubs we know and love doesn’t come cheap!

Why is water so expensive in Ibiza

While these are very real reasons why it can be so expensive it still doesn’t justify charging clubbers €9 for a small bottle of water. Not only is the economics of it insane but when you look at it with the punters’ health and safety in mind it’s absolutely ridiculous. Let’s face it. There’s going to be a huge chunk of the crowd that are having more than a few drinks when you consider drug culture’s association with dance music. We’re under no illusions. But these extortionate prices will see people avoid forking out cash for water which in turn puts them at a huge health risk with the drugs in their system.

At the end of the day, everything always comes down to profit margins. When you have thousands upon thousands of people descending on the island every year, the clubs know that they have a captive audience. Charging those prices won’t put anyone off coming to the island because of its reputation. You’re going to sell out your club most nights and if people want to leave because of the drinks prices, that’s fine, just know that there will be a queue of people outside who will gladly pay that price.

Unfortunately, this won’t be changing anytime soon. But it’s nice to dream!

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