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Yesterday Was Ibiza’s Hottest September Day Since Records Began

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Ibiza is normally hot, this comes as no surprise and is one of the reasons many people flock to the island every summer, but yesterday September 5 was a milestone as it was the hottest day ever recorded on the island in September since records began in 1961, with temperatures reaching a whopping 38.4°C or 101.12°F to our American friends.

The burning heat easily surpassed the previous record high of 34.6°C set in September 1990. This follows an unseasonably cool August, in which average temperatures were cooler than usual. The state meteorological agency has predicted a very dry September with temperatures hovering around the 30°C mark aside from the odd isolated storm.

Good news then for all you eager sunbathers out there, though islanders and tourists alike have been asked to use water sparingly, so play nice and heed the advice.

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